Vital Lamp


Full Spectrum Sunshine For Your Pet 

Vital-Lamp is an UVB screw in (replaces regular incandescent bulbs) COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT bulb. It is designed to use indoors to provide the benefits of SUNLIGHT. An ideal solution for all pets that are not able to obtain regular SUNSHINE.

This bulb will furnish essential UVB wavelengths that will convert inactive Vitamin D3 in skin and preen gland oil to active D3. Vitamin D3 is necessary for healthy calcium metabolism. It is essential for healthy bones, shelled eggs and optimal health. 

Commercial bulbs sold as "full spectrum" do not furnish essential UVB. The "full spectrum" designation of less expensive bulbs describes only the color of the light. 

All birds housed indoors should be furnished with a full spectrum bulb. The bulb should be changed every 6 months.

  • Full Spectrum (5500K)
  • UVA/UVB Spectrums
  • Light Output 1050 Lumes
  • Energy Used 20W
  • Rated Life 8000 Hours
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Vital Lamp