Sunshine Factor


100% USDA-Certified Organic
Red Palm Fruit Oil 

This organic Brazilian red palm fruit oil complements all diets (Harrison’s Bird Foods or seeds) except Power Treats and can be used as a dietary supplement for all birds. Do not use in conjunction with Booster. 


  • May benefit the animal’s skin, eyes, heart and immune system by strengthening the overall nutritional status
  • May improve the animal’s energy level, particularly in geriatric patients
  • Beneficial for all aspects of the skin and coat/plumage, including dry skin and brittle or dull hair or feathers
  • Has high antioxidant content
  • Is a non-synthetic source of 6 forms of vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols)
  • Is a whole food source of carotenoids (precursor to natural vitamin A, including alpha- and beta-carotene)
  • Is a natural, rich source of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) compared to other oils
  • Contains a good balance of fatty acids
  • May improve the effectiveness of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs
  • Is a vegetarian oil that is more stable than flax oil
  • Easy to administer; animals like the taste
  • Kosher certified

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Not All Red Palm Oil Is Created Equally

We are aware that some cheap, discount versions of red palm oil are now available on the market. We believe the public should know that not all palm oils are the same and that in this case you really do get what you pay for.

What are some of the differences?

AVIx Sunshine Factor is a sustainable agriculture grown in Brazil (in accordance with USDA Certified Organic Standards), not harvested from other locations like the rain forest in Malaysia (from where cheaper, less effective versions come).

AVIx Sunshine Factor comes from the red palm fruit. Each red palm tree yields more palm kernel oil than actual fruit oil, which makes the fruit oil much more valuable.  Many lesser red palm oils (not red palm fruit oil) are diluted with the lesser quality red palm kernel oil. Palm kernel oils do not have the same beneficial properties and will not yield the same results in added health to pets as red palm fruit oil.

We import certified organic red palm fruit oil from Brazil in compliance with human quality consumption importation standards (the very highest standards).  Our oil is thoroughly tested for rancidity and purity and shipped to our USDA approved certified organic facility where it is bottled into glass containers in accordance with the USDA organic bottling standards.  Our product is bottled in glass to avoid contamination issues. Since the oil becomes liquid at 80 degrees and melting is recommended for proper dosing we specifically do not use plastic containers as plastic toxins may leach out and absorb into the oil. 

All these necessary steps are taken to assure AVIx Sunshine Factor is the purest, safest and best oil in the World.

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Sunshine Factor