Avian Veterinary Hospital & Supplies

Full Service Avian Medicine Hospital

For The Birds is a bird hospital specializing in avian veterinary medicine, offering the best health care options for your pet bird. We care for all birds small and large, from budgies and cockatiels to parrots and ducks.

The avian hospital offers emergency services during our regular business hours. We offer routine avian check-ups and procedures by appointment only, please call.

Avian Veterinary Hospital Services

  • Emergency Services
  • Examination
  • Gram Stain
  • Cultures
  • Wing, Nail, and Beak Trims
  • General Surgery
  • X-rays
  • Microchipping

The Bird Store

For The Birds also offers bird supplies including bird food and bird toys.

We carry Harrison's and Lafeber's bird food because of years of experience and proven results that our doctors have seen. Our food is guaranteed fresh and full of its original nutrients because we do NOT warehouse large quantities. This means your bird will get the best food available.

Our bird toys are approved by Dr. Fern Van Sant, using only bird safe materials and guaranteed chemical free. All bird toys are made of natural materials, using vegetable dyes and bird safe hardware.

Adopt a Bird

For The Birds has a few special birds who are looking for great homes. Some are rescues and need special handling, but many are beautiful and loving companions waiting for a great family. If you are interested in adopting a bird, please visit the Adopt a Bird page to see who's ready to meet their new family.

You can also come visit us at the avian hospital to see the birds in person.

If you're considering adopting a bird, begin by reading these bird care articles. Birds have special needs and require special handling, so make sure you're ready before you bring your bird home. For your bird to be healthy and happy, you'll need a good cage, perch , food and toys.