Avian Veterinary Hospital and Bird Supplies

Avian Hospital

We are located on the right end of our little shopping plaza. And our front door is actually on the right side of the building. We usually have plenty of parking right out front.

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The Bird Store 

Located in our lobby, we carry high-quality toys, treats and bird food for you to check out while you wait.

Avian Exam Room #1

Our state-of-the-art avian exam rooms have been specialized for avian medicine. We do not see other animals, so we have specialized our surroundings and our tools to be geared towards the best bird medicine possible.


Avian Exam Room #2

We are a full service bird hospital, that means we do everything from clipping nails and annual exams to specialized operations and procedures.


Avian Treatment Center

Our spacious avian treatment center is airy and bright and offers a calm atmosphere for parrots requiring additional care.