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Bird Toys

Veterinarian Developed Bird Safe Toys

Birds are some of nature’s greatest athletes. They are designed for flight. The physiologic requirements for flight make the bird unique in many regards. Although it is often not wise or safe to allow flight, the need for exercise remains. Most healthy birds will instinctively find ways to play vigorously. To maintain cardiovascular and respiratory health birds need to exercise. The only way to develop healthy bones and muscles is to use them.

Toys not only challenge your bird’s strength and agility, but also your bird’s imagination. These bird toys are some of the best available, designed to challenge your bird’s strength, imagination and agility. 

Not all bird toys you find online or in your local pet store are created with you birds health and wellbeing as a priority. Our bird toys are developed by Dr. Fern Van Sant, using only bird safe materials and guaranteed chemical free. All bird toys are made of natural materials, using vegetable dyes and bird safe hardware

Buy our bird toys knowing that they are the healthiest and safest toys available for your bird.*

*Safety Precautions

  1. There is no bird toy that is 100% safe so keep an eye on your bird while playing with his/her toys. 
  2. When you give a bird a toy make sure that it is the right size for your bird. 
  3. Examine toys daily. Trim away stray rope or string. 
  4. If your bird begins making a nest with a toy, then remove that toy.