Adopt a Bird

Here at For The Birds we are very involved with bird rescue organizations, rehabilitation and placement.

For The Birds is dedicated to our special birds who have been placed into loving and caring avian friendly homes through adoption. Some of these are rescued special needs birds and need special handling, but many are beautiful and loving companions waiting for someone to give them a new home with a great family.

If you're considering adopting a bird, begin by reading these bird care articles. Birds have special needs and requires special handling, so make sure you're ready before you bring your bird home. 

We work closely with Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. Please visit their website for dozens and dozens of adoptable birds. They are a wonderful organization who rescue and also place many birds. They are looking for foster homes, so if you have the room, please contact them and help out this all-volunteer organization. They have been helping birds for over 25 years and are a 501c3 charity.

NOTICE: It is against state law to drop-off or abandon any animal. CA PENAL CODE: 597





Duke - Placed in his new home!

African Grey Timneh

Pip - Placed in her new home!

Female Cockatiel

Tweety - Placed in her new home!

Female Cockatiel

Charlie and Chickie Bird - Placed in their new home!

Female Budgies


Angelica - Placed in her new home!

Female Umbrella Cockatoo


Cisco has been adopted!

Male Jenday Conure


Duffy - placed in her new home!

Female Brown Headed Ruppells


Murphy - Placed in his new home!

Male Green Cheek Conure