It's Shower Time!

Humidity, humidity, humidity. All of our pet birds need a more humid environment. It improves their feather quality and it helps their respiratory system.

Most of our birds in captivity are in an atmosphere that is a little dry and/or a little dusty. We do not recommend the use of a humidifier because unless you buy a very expensive one with a good filter system, all you would be doing is re-circulating aerosolized bacteria.

We recommend either taking your bird directly in the shower and/or using a small fine spray mist bottle. These bottles are inexpensive, easy to use and sometimes not quite as “scary” as the shower if this is all new to your bird.

Start with spraying your bird just once or twice and see how your bird reacts. Most birds will come to enjoy it immensely if not right at first. If your bird thinks this is not such a good idea, spray him once, put the bottle away out of sight, and spray him again the next day. Try to make it a positive experience and increase the spraying to even twice a day if it is convenient.

You cannot “over humidify” your bird. If it is somewhat chilly out, wet the surface of your bird (their feathers are quite waterproof) so they will not be getting wet to the skin, or spray them with warm water and very carefully blow-dry them.

If your bird enjoys being in the shower, invest in a collapsible shower curtain rod and put it in the shower for your bird to sit on. This definitely saves on eaten shower curtains. A fun pastime!