What to Expect During Your Birds Appointment

Thank you for bringing your bird to For the Birds. Please read this while you wait

Due to COVID-19, safety protocols we must follow, and the emergency care we provide, appointment and phone wait times are longer than usual. We are a small dedicated staff working nonstop under tremendous pressure in the clinic to provide you the best medical care for your bird. We appreciate and thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times. 

What happens at your bird’s appointment, a typical scenario: 

After you drop off, your bird will be visually assessed and placed in a queue to be seen by the doctor in appointment order. Life threatening emergencies will be triaged and prioritized. The doctor will call you to go over your bird’s case to determine your approved level of care, and will provide a verbal estimate upon request. The doctor will then examine your bird and do any approved diagnostics or treatments. The doctor or reception will call you after the examination to go over findings and finalize your invoice. 

How to help expedite the process:

  • Make sure your phone is on and ringer volume is up.  We can’t do the exam if we can’t reach you.
      • Make sure anyone making medical and financial decisions is available when we call or we can’t proceed with the exam. 
      • Check in for your appointment online at forthebirdsdvm.com Provide accurate and relevant medical history and desired care requested.
  • Watch our new client video: tinyurl.com/ftbnewclient for our husbandry and diet information.
    • Wear a mask and social distance if you are waiting for assistance
    • Be patient and kind. We are humans trying our best to serve our loyal clients and your feathered family

    Please feel free to run any errands or grab a snack or beverage nearby while you wait. Accurate wait times are impossible to predict as we are seeing emergencies. We are striving to get your bird back as soon as possible. 

    Full payment is due at time of pickup. We take Visa or Mastercard. 

    Hospitalized birds require 50% deposit of the estimate given. 

    No payment plans are available.

    New clients: Please visit our new client video online at tinyurl.com/ftbnewclient

    Visit our website: forthebirdsdvm.com

    Business Hours:

    Sunday and Monday Closed

    Tuesday 9am-3pm

    Wednesday 10am-1pm

    Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-3pm

    * Phones are off from 12:30-1:30 Tue, Thur, Fri, & Sat

    Doctor visits are by appointment only.

    Fern Van Sant, DVM, Owner

    Mary Siri, DVM

    Renee “Tino” Luehman, DVM

    For the Birds

    1136 S. De Anza Blvd Suite D

    San Jose, CA 95129

    (408) 255-1739

    forthebirds@sbcglobal.net for general questions and non-urgent messages. Email response times are longer during this time