Harrison's High Potency Mash


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A Certified Organic Maximum Nutrient Formula for Small Parrots, Canaries, Finches and Doves


  • that are being converted from seeds or any other diet. Birds should initially be fed High Potency Formula for a period of at least 6 months.
  • as a year round formula for canaries, doves, budgies (parakeets), cockatiels, lovebirds, finches and other medium to small parrots.
  • that have special needs such as birds that are molting, overweight, underweight, particularly active, housed in a cold climate, recovering from an illness or affected by liver or kidney disease.
  • that are weaning. Birds should be fed High Potency Formula for at least 6-9 months.
  • that are breeding. Birds should be fed High Potency Formula 1-2 months prior to the breeding period and until chicks are weaned or for at least six months before resuming Adult Lifetime Formula.

Feeding Directions, Ingredients and Analysis

Please Note: For safe storing purposes, High Potency Mash is only available in one and five pound bags.

Harrison's High Potency Mash
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  • Harrison's High Potency Mash